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Frequently asked questions:

Q: Will articles pass Copyscape?

A: We check most articles, and have good success rate, However if you have one that does not pass we will replace it.

Q: How long is the wait?

A: Articles are delivered usually within a few hours, But it can take up to 12-24 Hours

Q: What niches we write on?

A: Any niche. Just try to pick good simple keywords.

Q: Can I post these on my site, Will I get dupe content penalty?

A:   These articles are fine to post on your site. You will not get a dupe content penalty, Our test sites rank very well and bring in great traffic and have been doing so for over a year. Though all of Googles updates.

Q: Do we reuse the articles and resale them to someone else?

A: Absolutely NOT!, We would never do this, We prepare your articles as the order comes in, and erase them after the order is filled.

Q: Are these articles Adsense safe?

A: Sure. We have used these articles for years on our adsense sites. and many clients use them for adsense sites and have reported no problems.

Q: Why is it 1 keyword per 5 articles?

A: That’s because our main business is providing tons of content in bulk. Our articles are the lowest price online. You can make separate orders for more keywords. All articles will be random content on the same keyword.

Q: Whats a good keyword??

A: Its very important to choose your keywords wisely. We take your keyword and provide you different articles on the same subject. Your keywords should be short 1 or 2 word keywords.  PLEASE NO LONG TAIL KEYWORDS OR “RARE NICHE” KEYWORDS! GIVE US COMMON KEYWORDS!

If a long Tail keyword is provided we withhold the right to shorten it to provide better content

Choose a good keyword like this:

Good Keyword: HGC Diet

Good Keyword: Wedding Planner

Not like this:

Bad Keyword: HGC Diets before my wedding

Bad Keyword: Wedding planners in Italy

Refund: If any article does not pass copyscape then it will be replaced. All other article sales are final. We offer free review copys and have examples on our website before you order.

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